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Jobs for Africa is a Swiss registered foundation whose main objective is to promote job creation, skills development and entrepreneurship for the youth in Africa. In recognition of the facts that the private sector is the creator of jobs and that governments provide an enabling environment for enterprises to be created and developed, Jobs for Africa seeks to promote private-public partnerships on youth employment.

Monday-Friday: 8am to 6.30pm Geneva, Meyrin The Hive Sarl Route du Nant d’Avril, 150 1217 Meyrin Switzerland +41225921663 info@jobsforafricafoundation.org

African Development Bank Releases Publication on Job Creation in Africa

The African Development Bank has released a publication on creating decent jobs: strategies, policies and instruments. A policy research document 2 by Celestin Monga, Adebe Shimeles and Andinet Woldemichael, the publication calls on  African governments to prioritize job creation in the continent by developing an industrial policy for good jobs, support agricultural sector as an engine for job creation particularly for the youth and develop policies that foster Africa’s digital transformation and create ICT Jobs. For more information here is the link:


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